The Ultimate Guide to Low Profile Tattoo Needles

At Element Tattoo Supply, we noticed a real need for a traditional, OG needle type that stayed true to the spirit of the golden age of tattooing and paired with the high standards of today’s industry. We worked hard to create a range of needles perfect for the traditionalist and artist. The result? Eddie Tana’s Pre-Made Low Profile Needles for Tattooing.

Many pre-made needles receive a bad rap and deservedly so since the market is saturated with options that suffer in quality because of the lack of craftsmanship in an attempt to mass produce. With us, we don’t mess with any of that nonsense. Instead, we aimed to create superior pre-made Low Profile tattoo needles and believe we have been successful so far— our great customer feedback and reviews attest to this!

What characteristics should quality traditional tattoo needles possess? In our professional opinion, they should be able to shade flawlessly and easily. This is why our range of LowPro needles are created with “one pass” technology ensuring smooth and pigmented shading. Opt for loose round shaders for shading small spaces and our traditional magnums to shade larger areas. Our needles design ensures solid color fills and an overall smoother gradient… no dots here.

Old school tattooing is basically synonymous with exceptional line work. Our LowPro needless are recognized for the uniformity of intricate and detailed lining ability. We custom designed these needles with a short soldering which creates an overall stiffer needle. Not only does this result in sharp, crisp lines but it also prevents curling and flexing. The stiffer needle additionally ensures ink will penetrate easier resulting in less skin irritation and trauma for better healing.

All of our LowPro tattoo needles are individually blister packed, pre-sterlized and available in quantities of 50 per box. We’ve created this handy infographic so you can choose the right options for you. Still have questions? Be sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out get just what you need.


Author: Maria Maria

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