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You Should Be Knowing Before Tattooing! Tattoo Needles And Tubes Supplies!

Are you new to tattooing?

A part of human creatures believes more in fantasies leading to creativity. The ancient tradition that existed in countries like Japan, Europe, US and India has brought something different to get indulge with. The process of tattooing has never been easy, it requires WILL & COURAGE to art your body. The modern world has gradually changed inventing major supplies for excellence and care of valuable people.

If you are not familiar with this industry and still desire to beautify the body with coloured art, there is an in-depth guide essential to understand and to go through before opting for tattoo making.

The content would guide you with clear explanation over tattoo needles and tubes as well!

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Just Wondering How Many Types Of Tattoo Needles And Tubes Are Available!

The Round Tattoo Needles

Shaders or liners are the perfect outcome of round needles relying on the placement where they are fixed. The round†needle is the one needle type that is specifically soldered around a central shaft in round patterns. The tightness of the round liners gives the perfect tiny lines, technical art and features. Another round liner could be a bit of loose structure. It is used for bold and thick outlines for giant appearances and shape of the tattoo. These are commonly used for Japanese kind of tattoo styles.†For fundamental shading and all other purpose colour fill, the round shader is perfectly suitable. Generally, to recognize, round needles are marked RL which means ‘Round Liner’ or RS i.e. Round Shader as an abbreviation.

The Flat Tattoo Needles

Flat tattoo needles are common and most favourable as its shape releases more ink to the skin. These needles†are adjoint in a straight line to a needle bar. Flat tattoo needles give more dark and clear lines with just a single stroke. The quick passage of ink and colour fills are greatly done by flat tattoo needles.†The abbreviation for flat needles is signed as FL for Flat Liner or FS as Flat Shader to make a difference.

The Magnum Tattoo Needles

Magnum specializes in reduced thickening tail, where it diminishes the thick ink content giving a tail shade. It is used for almost all different types of shades of tattoo art. These are either similar to the round shader or larger than the same. Magnum releases more ink specifically to fill in larger areas of the colour over the skin.†Magnum needles have further classification into 3 needle types:

  • The Stack Magnum Needles: These needles have a sign as M2. It has 2 rows at both the ends of the bar.
  • Curved Magnum Needles: Such round magnum needle has a sign shown as RM. This formation of the needle is to jot better by dissemination of ink as required. It does not cause damage to the skin.
  • The Weave Magnum Needles: The short sign appears as M1 for weaved magnum needles. These are adjoint to the bar as on the top, bottom and vice versa; covering the maximum area of the part of the skin.

Tattoo Tips & Tubes

The primary objects that are mandatorily used by a tattoo artist include tips, grips, tattoo needles and tubes. Further, the classification within is numerous that may confuse one which would be suitable for the design you want on you.

Several Tattoo Tubes & Grips To Avail From Element Tattoo Supply

‘Element Tattoo Supply’ has made pre-sterilized tattooing tubes with several tip styles and grips. Some of the ideal products you may want to opt for:

  1. Assorted Disposable Tubes
  2. Samurai Disposable Tubes
  3. Sumo Disposable Tubes
  4. Pro Grip Disposable Tubes
  5. Tubes Cartridges & Grips

These are the most preferred objects by tattooers for jotting the creativity over the body.

Tattoo Tip Styles

‘Element Tattoo Supply’ deals with different tip styles for enhanced tattoo appearance.

Flat Magnum tattoo tips†- These are†a broad style of flat tattoo tip is to pair with†magnum needles, stacked magnum and flat needles†to shade, blend and cover-up considerably greater areas.

Diamond Tattoo Tips†-†For creating clear, thin and straight line diamond tip is perfect to go with. Specifically, the V in a diamond tip suppresses it from tottering around by cradling the needle. And this is why a diamond tattoo tip is a perfect art tool to pick by the professional tattooers.

Round Tattoo Tips– Round tip is another way around from that of a diamond tip. It is an ideal choice for thicker line artwork. It does not mount or cradle tattoo needles similar to diamond tips. While the tattooer jots the art over curvey areas of the body the round tips may totter a bit. This is the only point when the artist has to be careful about.

Be Mindful With†Tattoo Needle Codes & Diameters

Every tattoo needle has its unique identity to recognize the type. As according to the purpose one should choose the needle based on its outcome. The needle type can be classified seeing the codes. For instance, it can be as a code 1204RL; the name of needle and type along with the short description which is quite essential to understand the difference.

Needle Diameters

The general the Element Tatto Supplier uses a particular format based on the diameters e.g.†#12 0.35 mm. Here #12 is the standard round liner. To consider, #12 is the largest size and the most preferred one.

Tattoo Needle Counts & Groupings

The codes are commonly inclusive of middle digits which refers to the number of needles in the group. For example, in a code 1204RL, 04 indicates the 4 #12 of diameter needles are in a group. The group have letters at the end of the code. Here RL stands for Round Liner, which clearly mentions that the needle is useable for the lining artwork.

To make a clear vision over a grouping of the needles here is the clarification:

  1. RL – Round Liner
  2. RLXT – Super Tight Round Liner
  3. RLXP – Extra†Super Tight Round Liner
  4. RS – round Shader
  5. *T – Textured Round Shader
  6. F – Flat
  7. M1 – Magnum
  8. M2 – Stacked Magnum
  9. M1c – Curved Magnum

The other can be Texture Magnum and Loose Needles


The detail info over Tattoo Needles and Tubes would assist you to take decisive action on suitable tools to favour.†The emerging artists may find it strenuous to choose from a wide range of tattoo supplies with a huge competition within the suppliers. The variation in sizes, suitability, shapes, diameters, comfortability and care make a big distinction in delivering professional tattoo artwork.††Element Tattoo Supply team would guide to make the most mindful decision on buying tattoo supplies.


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