A tattoo done about 10 years ago by Eddie Tana

Tattoo done by Eddie Tana of OC Tattoo

This is a tattoo Eddie Tana did about 10 years ago his skin was dry for the photo so you really cant see the true colors finally got a photo of this was fun to do.

The idea of this tattoo was “do what ever you want” type of tattoo on a good friend of mine Mike photo was taken with my Iphone  with no filter the black ink is yes Talens black done in California at OC Tattoo in Westminster, California.



Body Art Expo 2015 – Chicago


June 19th – 20th Element Tattoo Supply along with OC Tattoo went to Chicago for the Body Art Expo what a journey yet fun we had a blast and met a bunch cool people tattoo artist and tattoo collectors the pizza was so good and I am not even a fan for pan but now I am

Body Art Expo Chicago 2015