Big Sleeps tattoo machinies


Big Sleeps x Norm Tattoo Machines

Big Sleeps X Norm tattoo machines have arrive to us here at Element Tattoo Supply as being in the tattoo industry I always love supporting my friends of the tattoo industry we now carry Big Sleeps tattoo machine’s big sleep is been in the game for a bit specializing in script writing but don’t be fooled he also does other tattoos but the passion he goes towards is graffiti art I’m glad to call Big Sleeps and Norm friends of mine.

The day came when I got the call to carry his tattoo machines and other products keep up to date to see what to come from #bigsleeps and #elementtattoosupply and #norm_always these guys are best known to do some of the most amazing scripting.

Blood Borne Pathogen

Orange County California - Blood Borne Pathagen Certificate

Blood Borne Pathogen Orange County, California

Blood Borne Pathogen not just for Orange County California but the USA!


Element Tattoo Supply now offers Renewal for your Blood Borne Pathogen for the Orange County California area.

Did you know if you live in the Orange County California area and need to get your Blood Borne Pathogen renewed we can help?

To get your Blood Borne Pathogen renewed please contact

Subject: Blood Borne Pathogen renewal

Eddie Tana has been in the tattoo industry for over 20 years now and strive to keep the tattoo industry as safe as possible owner and tattoo artist of OC Tattoo Inc in Westminster California.

Element Tattoo Supply now provides body art industry-specific Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) renewal that is available both in person and online. Blood Borne Pathogen classes are designed to provide basic understanding of blood borne pathogens, common modes of transmission, methods of prevention such as cross-contamination, and other critical information for body art practitioners and shop owners a professional tattoo artist.
Blood Borne Pathogen training certification is now mandatory in many states and the list of those states are growing.

Certification is required to work in all tattoo shops and tattoo conventions. The understanding how to control exposures in your tattoo shop is also essential in assuring the safety of yourself, your clients, and your co-workers.
By completing our good borne pathogen classes, you will fulfill the registration or licensing requirements for BBP training.

Additionally, you will become familiar with the Exposure Control and Infection Prevention Plan, which is required for all shops under OSHA.

Remember, we are industry-born and support the our tattoo industry. In-Person Training is also available – Inquire

This is for professional licensed tattoo artist in the Orange County, California area only!

All States may be different but we have access to many states across the USA.

Eddie Tana – Member of the Alliance of professional tattooist APT

Black Friday – Element Tattoo Supply 2015

Black Friday 2015 – Element Tattoo

 Element Tattoo Supply does its part for professional tattoo artist to get their tattoo supplies at a great price. 

Here Element Tattoo Supply our family to yours we are wishing you guys a very safe and thankful Thanksgiving 2015 remember every order that you do over $100 you get free shipping hope everyone had a great holiday with your family and friends we know we did.

So we present to you black Friday

Element Tattoo Machines, Element Tattoo Inks, Element Tattoo Needles, Low Profile tattoo needles

So here it is BLACK FRIDAY is here we are happy to announce our savings visit our website and get stocked up before the end of the year of 2015

Black Friday 2015

Element Tattoo Supply Black Friday Deals

Instagram Page – Element Tattoo Supply

Element Tattoo Supply Instagram page

With this day and age social media has taken over in the advertisement outlet Element Tattoo Supply has most of the social media outlet and Eddie Tana is doing his best in working with most of the social media websites that are out there like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc… I remember word of mouth and advertisement like OC Weekly and yellow pages and of course can not leave out tattoo magazines, But we stopped doing too many magazines again this is what our smart phones and tablets are doing for use in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong magazines are great but we can agree technology has taking over with all these apps and tattoo websites out there.

This page is dedicated to Element tattoo supply Instagram page I try to do my best just like tattooing but there is only so much time in a day thank god for smart phones now a days Follow us to see what Eddie Tana has been up to such as tattoo conventions, traveling, and just blogging about my tattoo life and hanging out with my tattoo friends.



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Pomona Body Art Expo 2015 – Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo


The Body Art Expo in Pomona California is this weekend July 17-19 and Element Tattoo Supply along with OC Tattoo artists Ben Lopez and Vu Tran will be in attendance to tattoo.  I will be there all weekend to tattoo as well as meet our local artists and attendees.  We have two special guest artists from team Element doing there thing as well, JP of Renaissance Studios and Greydon Payne in attendance this year as well.  I’m excited to see how this year’s Pomona Expo will be coming off of the Body Art Expo in Chicago in June, I’m expecting big things.  Stop by to say hello, it’s going to be an awesome convention.

Body Art Expo Pomona, CA Artist line up for Element Tattoo Sponsored Artist and OC Tattoo Artist

A glimpse of what the owner and artist, Eddie Tana has in store for Element Tattoo Supply


With over  thousand tattoo websites online its a must for Eddie Tana to blog about his life in the tattoo life posting thoughts about tattoo products, tattoo conventions just about anything tattoo Eddie Tana has many thought but can not post due to this tattoo industry he tries to be simple it is no surprise that Eddie Tana has been in the tattoo world for over 20 years now he has a lot a history about tattooing and friends.

In this day and age it is a must to be online so you know Eddie Tana of OC Tattoo and Element Tattoo Supply would be on it everyday every second if not on Instagram he is on some social website taking photos and posting cool stuff

Eddie Tana of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo goes around and loves Social Media along side Facebook we are on #instagram quick photos and captions of his friends in the tattoo industry.

Travels around the USA tattoo conventions and soon International you can check out his journeys as a professional tattoo artist