Tattoo by Eddie Tana Musink

Tattoos by Eddie Tana

Tattoo done by Eddie Tana a few months ago I started it this year’s #musink215 then finished it about month after using element tattoo inks and #lowprofiletattooneeles was a fun one to do on a friend of mine this day we did the outline it was a stress tattoo convention tattooing can be a bit like that but we got the outline in for the day we did this freehand but now i think I am going back to stencil tattooing makes my life so much simpler your years i liked doing freehand tattooing but with not enough time in a day I am going back to stencil tattooing so happy to go this way. Yes I will still do a little freehand but I think I am ok.

Eddie Tana does a tattoo at 2015 Musink tattoo music and tattoo festival this tattoo was a freehand tattoo we out outlined it and back ground finished the color later the products I used Element Tattoo Inks, Low profile tattoo needles, along side rotary and coil machine.

Photo: eddie tana

tattoo by eddie tana musink 2015

then finished it about month after using element tattoo inks and #lowprofiletattooneeles was a fun one to do


Pomona Body Art Expo 2015 – Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo


The Body Art Expo in Pomona California is this weekend July 17-19 and Element Tattoo Supply along with OC Tattoo artists Ben Lopez and Vu Tran will be in attendance to tattoo.  I will be there all weekend to tattoo as well as meet our local artists and attendees.  We have two special guest artists from team Element doing there thing as well, JP of Renaissance Studios and Greydon Payne in attendance this year as well.  I’m excited to see how this year’s Pomona Expo will be coming off of the Body Art Expo in Chicago in June, I’m expecting big things.  Stop by to say hello, it’s going to be an awesome convention.

Body Art Expo Pomona, CA Artist line up for Element Tattoo Sponsored Artist and OC Tattoo Artist

A glimpse of what the owner and artist, Eddie Tana has in store for Element Tattoo Supply


With over  thousand tattoo websites online its a must for Eddie Tana to blog about his life in the tattoo life posting thoughts about tattoo products, tattoo conventions just about anything tattoo Eddie Tana has many thought but can not post due to this tattoo industry he tries to be simple it is no surprise that Eddie Tana has been in the tattoo world for over 20 years now he has a lot a history about tattooing and friends.

In this day and age it is a must to be online so you know Eddie Tana of OC Tattoo and Element Tattoo Supply would be on it everyday every second if not on Instagram he is on some social website taking photos and posting cool stuff

Eddie Tana of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo goes around and loves Social Media along side Facebook we are on #instagram quick photos and captions of his friends in the tattoo industry.

Travels around the USA tattoo conventions and soon International you can check out his journeys as a professional tattoo artist