Sullen Clothing party in long beach

Sullen Clothing party in long beach.

Party in Long Beach for the Sullen Angels

This past Saturday January 16th 2015 Sullen Art Collective had there  judging for the sullen angel party and Eddie Tana was there to show support for this event upon my arrival via Uber. I was welcome by friends of the tattoo industry , took my seat ordered my appetizer witch was calamari  the dish was some what basic out of the box ordered my beer and puled out my inkjecta rotary beer cover. about ten minutes there did my meet and greet with fellow tattooers and tattoo supplier smoked my cigarette and Hugo from Orange County tattoo shop Dr. Tattoo out of Garden grove we had a great conversation about the tattoo life

This event was hosted at the Tilted Kilt in Long Beach California


Author: eddie tana

I have deep roots in the tattoo industry and genuinely support products and people that help our industry flourish and grow in a positive direction. I am the owner of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo. I've been a professional tattoo artist for over 20 years and am an active member for The Alliance for Professional Tattoo Artist (APT).

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