Rotary tattoo machine’s or coil tattoo machines


What do you prefer to tattoo with

coil or rotary tattoo machines


From being in this industry so for year I have heard a lot of things about coil machines and I’ve heard a lot of things about rotary machine I would like to know your thoughts about that too.
As a tattoo artist myself I use both depends on how I feel and what type of tattoo I am going to do rotary machines I feel give a softer hit but you can get the same feel with the coil machine a lot of people say use coil machines for outlining tattoos but I line with Rotary machines as well if I’m going to do a big backpiece I tend to lean towards the coil tattoo machine especially with the longer stroke it gives me a soft yet pushes the tattoo ink very well into the skin I tattoo a lot faster with coil tattoo machines when I use a rotary machine I really can’t turn it up as much as I want to especially when I push larger tattoo needle grouping like 21 Magnum needles and up, but all in all it does not matter which tattoo machine I use I can do a great tattoo with both.

I heard coils are the best and and I also hear that rotary tattoo machine s are the best but in my opinion it’s preference and style .

Please comment on your thought about this and we can talk about this.

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  1. Been Following Eddie Tana for Years, I noticed you use Coils and Rotary whats your preference? also i notice you line with Rotary machines which a lot people say its hard to do with Rotary, whats your intake on the Rotary machines whats your secret?

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