Long time coming talk with Randy Howel from Silver Back Inks

It’s been a long time coming I’ve always had a beef with this guy but he never knew it I don’t think he did but then he would always give me shit and I always wanted to fight with Randy, but on this day at the Pasadena convention it was different we broke bread together and I’m pretty sure he never knew.

Randy and I got to do the Hollywood scene in the early 90s I was only 19 at the time he was a little bit older he had more experience and he would always give me shit about everything seriously about everything throughout my career it was always in the back of my head about this guy telling me the things he was telling me and I never knew why I thought he just didn’t like me? But we still had a tattoo together no matter what we had to make that money.

We tattooed in Hollywood at Boulevard tattoo but we also tattoo together it’s Studio City tattoo both tattoo shops we were always bumping heads and I never knew why but now I understand why he was basically trying to help me out and give me hints and tips on how to be safe and better at tattooing this is a rare thing you get back in those days, Back in those days no one would tell you anything about tattoos or how to get better but he did I know this now or I realizes now that were older he was just doing it because of the passion he has for tattoos and  the passion I have for tattoos can relate.

We both didn’t see each other for a long while and I probably badmouth him behind his back to other tattoo artist and I admit that that we did not get along but after this tattoo convention in Pasadena my mindset is changed dramatically thank you very much Randy Howell and all the other tattoo artist that used to tell me shit I couldn’t do it I wasn’t good enough I wasn’t doing it right everything they were telling me was just a better me as a tattoo artist.

Fast forward to now Randy is owner of Silverback tattoo inks and I am OC Tattoo and ELEMENT TATTOO SUPPLY INC



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