Just started a koi fish tattoo at OC Tattoo


Eddie Tana starts a koi fish tattoo using Element Tattoo Products

outline of a koi fish

Eddie Tana had the honor of doing another koi fish back tattoo we just did the outline for now but when is done it will be in color along with a japanese style black and gray background in the beginning of this tattoo was a bit rough the shock a getting a tattoo and adrenaline running through my clients body  is nothing new but this tattoo was different, How? he is going to have a full back piece tattoo most likely running down the legs and maybe just maybe a full body tattoo.

I used for this out line was 5liner, 7 liner, and a 18 round liner again we just did the basic outline we still need to go in and do some more details for this tattoo but at least we got a basics.




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