How To Care For Your Tattoo

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In-Depth Tattoo Aftercare

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your seventh, taking care of each tattoo is vital for optimum healing. Improper care can lead to bacteria contamination, infection, or prolong your overall healing.

Follow Directions
Your tattoo artist will give you specific instructions on how to best care for you tattoo since care begins as soon as your artist wraps your tattoo. Depending on your skin type and the size of your tattoo, your healing time will differ. It’s important for you to leave your bandage on for a few hours. Your tattoo artist can recommend anywhere between two to 24 hours.

Don’t Do This
Once you unwrap, it’s important to remember that your tattoo is an open wound. Treat it in the same manner. Don’t:

  • Touch your tattoo with dirty hands or allow others to touch it
  • Submerge your tattoo in water. Avoid pools, lakes, and bath tubs
  • Expose your tattoo to the sun
  • Scrub your tattoo with loofahs or abrasive towels
  • Bathe in hot water or shave the tattooed area

How To Wash Your Tattoo

Once you get the go-ahead to unwrap, wash your hands thoroughly and don’t freak out. Your tattoo will secrete a mix of blood, ink, lymph fluid & plasma which is vital for scabbing.

Wash your tattoo with lukewarm water utilizing gentle motions with your hands. Once wet, use a fragrance-free, gentle, & antibacterial soap to thoroughly but gently cleanse the area.

Let the area completely air dry or gently pat it down with a soft cloth. After it’s dry, lightly rub the tattooed area with a specialized moisturizing ointment.

You Will Be Sore

The few days after your final tattooing sessions, you will be sore. The area will be sensitive and you’ll experience a sort of “raw” red feeling, along with swelling. This will subside with each passing day. Repeat the washing and treating process daily.

As you begin to scab, it’s important for you not to pick at the scabbing skin. Things might get itchy but scratching can further irritate the skin and even remove healing ink. Try cooling the tattooed area with a cold compress or smoothing on a cooling ointment or aftercare spray. As your skin begins to dry, it’s important you keep the area hydrated.

Final Recommendations

There is such a thing as over care. Your skin will heal on its own so let it do it’s own thing (while keeping it clean!). It’s best to avoid tough workouts or tight clothing while your tattoo is healing. Also remember to use sunscreen on your tattoo as it’s healing and afterwards! Even though healing time varies, after 3- days, your tattoo should be mostly healed.

If something doesn’t look right, contact your tattoo artist or see a doctor as soon as possible. Infections do happen! Browse our wide selection of tattoo after-care products!



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