Evergreen tattoo invitational tattooers from around the world

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016

Yes its that time of the year again MARCH 4th – 6th 2016 !!! Eddie Tana, Ben Lopez, Vu Tran, Patrick Thomas will be in Springfield, Oregon for the Evergreeen Tattoo Invitational Expo

This will not be the first time Eddie Tana Owner of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo will be returning to Oregon but this time you will be coming back with some of his crew from Oc Tattoo.

Eddie Tana will not be at this event selling tattoo product but coming as a fellow tattoo artist with his crew.

Evergreen tattoo expo is not just a convention but more like a meeting of the best of the best tattooers from around the world.

Last year I went I took my family is a bit rough for all of us to take the whole family on a tattoo convention experience with me although they got to see the family and I had to go to work at a convention it was all worth it but this year I will be flying solo with the crew



Author: eddie tana

I have deep roots in the tattoo industry and genuinely support products and people that help our industry flourish and grow in a positive direction. I am the owner of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo. I've been a professional tattoo artist for over 20 years and am an active member for The Alliance for Professional Tattoo Artist (APT).

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