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Eddie Tana

Eddie Tana day in the life

Just another day in California with Eddie Tana owner of OC Tattoo and Element Tattoo Supply a little bit cold here but we finally get some cool winter here today is Tuesday in October 2015 and it’s time to get the hustle on for the day got to do a few drawings for some tattoo back pieces and sleeves and finish up some sleeves and back pieces and back-and-forth

Eddie Tana will be dropping through Element Tattoo Supply as well as OC Tattoo here in Westminster California and Garden Grove California both places will be open time to restock up on the shop time to re-order more stock for the tattoo supply warehouse and make a few phone calls to my friends in the industry of tattooing making sure everyone gets their stuff out correctly for this weekend’s convention and grand openings all of the United States today is usually a busy Monday for me but it’s Tuesday and yesterday I was out of commission taking care of the kids yes I take care the kids family man as well as tattoo order/business owner of these two beautiful happening in his life.


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