Permanent Makeup Tattoo Inks: Cosmo Premium Pigments

permanent makeup tattoo inks

The art of permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a unique form different from traditional tattooing. As such, the ink utilized must be especially designed for face, eye and lip procedures. Any professional tattoo artist understands that cosmetic pigments must meet FDA regulations. The FDA has a large say as to the particle size, carriers, color additives and specific pigments that can be inside of any cosmetic product sold in the United States. While there isn’t any extensive American regulation on tattoo inks, because permanent makeup falls into the cosmetics category, the makeup ink utilized for a variety of these procedures is more heavily regulated to ensure the overall safety of users.

Micropigmentation is best described as the insertion of pigment below the skin for cosmetic or corrective enhancement on the body. Many individuals opt for permanent makeup solutions to save time in their day-to-day routines, while others opt for “makeup tattoos” when diagnosed with vitiligo or alopecia or to reconstruct the appearance of the areola or nipple area after breast surgery. Some of the most common techniques include adding eyeliner to the eyelids, creating a more defined lip line to the lips, and enhancing eyebrows through microblading.

Cosmetic tattooing requires a special formula to ensure concentrated and pigmented results that truly last. Just as regular tattoos fade, so do permanent makeup tattoos; however, opting for a high-quality formula ensures a more natural, gradual fade.

At Element Tattoo Supply, we understand the need for quality permanent makeup pigments for tattoo artists around the world. Since the permanent makeup trend seems to be even more popular year after year, we’ve searched tirelessly for a cosmetic pigment label that ensures performance and quality. We’re proud to recommend Cosmo Inks. Cosmo premium pigments for makeup solutions meet the high standards of the FDA after rigorous testing. Ingredients include iron oxide pigment and USP witch hazel with alcohol, recognized and approved by the FDA as being cosmetic stabilizers. All other ingredients are nontoxic but should be spot tested for any possible allergic reactions. These pigments have been sterilized and can be used with traditional tattoo coil or rotary tattoo machines, but our recommended use is with pen-style tattoo machines for the most precise application.

Cosmo premium pigments are available in popular color choices like soft black, brown, mocha, dark chocolate, light brown and black for the most common permanent procedures for the eyes and eyebrows. Also available are corrective skin tone colors as well as camouflage and concealer colors like olive, gray and pink mauve for the lips.

Separation is normal for this type of formula, so always be sure to shake well! Cosmo inks can also be mixed with other pigments in the same line to create a more custom, personal color. Maintain the strict standards of professional tattoo artists with micropigmentation ink colors made in the USA.

Have questions about micropigmentation or Cosmo premium pigments? Shoot us a message, and we’d be happy to help!

Ethical Inking: Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Tattoos

vegan tattoo ink

In a world where information is so easily accessible, it’s no wonder people are becoming increasingly conscious about the foods they choose to eat. Whether it’s avoiding produce that has been genetically modified or choosing hormone-free alternatives, adhering to an organic lifestyle has become all-encompassing. It comes as no surprise then that veganism, a lifestyle devoted to abstaining from any animal products, has sustained a recognizable surge in popularity in the last couple of years. In fact, veganism has grown 500% since 2014 in the United States alone! Just three years ago, a mere 1 percent of people identified as vegan, but recent statistics have shown that the percentage has raised to 6 percent. Veganism is defined by a lifestyle devoted to moral-responsibility that goes beyond ethical eating but incorporates cruelty-free philosophy into all aspects of life. This means that everything from shampoo to clothing – and yes, tattoo ink – all have to come in accordance with strict animal and cruelty-free guidelines.

Tattoos are undeniably a beautiful way to express yourself, but it is important to note that not all tattoo inks are created equal. While tattoo ink seems like an unlikely culprit for vegan scrutiny, many popular inks contain bone char, gelatin and glycerin. Bone char is typically used to make black ink, the most commonly used color in tattoos. As an ingredient made from burnt animal bones to achieve the darkest shade of black, bone char is as unpleasant as it sounds. Gelatin is an animal product found in several non-vegan products and foods. It is made from the boiled connective tissue of cows and pigs and serves as a binding agent in many varieties of inks – grizzly, we know. Lastly, glycerin is found in several popular ink brands and is a derivative of animal fats that acts as a stabilizer and makes the ink easier to deal with. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to go the rest of your life tattoo-less, for there are several plant-based inks that are completely devoid of any animal products!

In an effort to support veganism as an emerging lifestyle, many ink companies are readily choosing more natural and organic ingredients in their products. Keep in mind that tattoo inks are not FDA regulated, so many products may contain ingredients that are damaging to the skin. To ensure the ink you choose is safe for your skin, consider having a talk with your tattoo artist or with a representative from the ink company itself. Also, be cautious of where the tattoo ink is made, for the products made in China and Japan do not have to meet the same strict guidelines as those from other countries.

A common misconception about plant-based inks is that they fade faster. However, vegan inks do not fade any faster than conventional inks with animal products, and the longevity of your tattoo ultimately comes down to how you care for it. Practicing good aftercare routines and preventing fading from sun damage is key in maintaining the vividness of your tattoo design and can make it look fresh and bold for years and years. In an effort to support the vegan lifestyle, we provide several vegan and plant-based inks on our online shop.

Kuro Sumi Japanese Outlining Ink - 12oz

One of the most popular animal-free inks we feature is Kuro Sumi ink. This ink is made right here in the United States and is widely recognized for its bold and bright colors. The product has origins in Japan, hence its name, and the color is derived from burnt plant materials, making it completely vegan-friendly! We carry two kinds of Kuro Sumi ink, an outlining ink and a shading ink, both of which are able to be used in a wide variety of eye-catching tattoo designs and styles. Kuro Sumi has quickly made its way into the hearts of tattoo fanatics and artists alike as it is incredibly easy to use, heals beautifully and retains its bold, black color for an extremely long time!

Eternal Top 25 Color Set-1oz

We also proudly include a wide variety of Eternal Inks in our inventory. These inks are a popular choice among tattoo artists everywhere and pack a real vivid punch of color. Featuring a wide variety of deeply saturated colors that are pleasing to the eye, these inks are made entirely of natural pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water, making it completely devoid of any animal products. An additional benefit of these inks is that none of them are tested on animals and they are regularly evaluated for testing and quality assurance. Whether you’re looking for a traditional black tattoo or a design with a bright pop of color, Eternal ink is the perfect choice for tattooed vegans everywhere!

Intenze Tattoo Ink 10-Set - 1 oz

Intenze, an eminent brand of tattoo ink, was the first ink manufacturer to sterilize their ink and raise the industry’s health standards to brand new heights. Not only do they practice clean and safe protocols, but all of their inks are 100% vegan! These products are made entirely in the United States, and the company adheres to cruelty-free practices through their decision to never test on animals. Featuring a full rainbow of beautiful colors, Intenze inks are perfect for all you color-lovers out there! Whether you add a little or a lot of color, these inks will give your tattoo designs the ability to stand out against the crowd, no matter where you find yourself!

Alla Prima Periwinkle Ink Set

Alla Prima are plant-based tattoo inks that have been trusted by several tattoo artists for years. Known for their easy manipulation, bendability on skin and their fade-proof formula, Alla Prima inks have become one of the most widely used colored inks in the industry! These inks, which include a wide range of plant-based ingredients, are easily recognizable with their vibrant bright inks and dark, bold black inks, making them perfect for a far-reaching array of tattoo styles and designs!

Starbrite Chocolate Brown Tattoo Ink - 1oz

The tattooing possibilities with Starbrite inks are truly endless. Whether you are looking for a complete set of colorful inks or for individual bottles, these plant-based tattoo inks will surely give you a vibrant, beautiful tattoo design. Starbrite color tattoo ink is fully compliant with U.S. FDA requirements regarding sterilization, testing, bottling, labeling and shipping, and their pigments have a worldwide reputation for being some of the finest, cleanest tattoo inks available anywhere!

Here at Element Tattoo Supply, we are happy to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, including veganism, and pride ourselves on our expansive collection of plant-based tattoo inks. Did we miss your favorite vegan tattoo ink in our guide? Share your thoughts and your favorite plant-based ink brands in the comment section below!

4 Tips for Choosing & Buying Tattoo Ink

When it comes to tattooing, the manner and style in which you tattoo really drives your tattoo ink preference. Technology advances and stringent hygienic standards are constantly improved upon for the better of the entire tattooing industry. If you’re a novice tattooer, the sheer number of choices can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re just figuring out your specialization. Alternatively, you might be an experienced artist already and want to delve into a different ink from the one you’re currently using. It can be difficult to know just how to choose tattoo ink. Whatever your particular case may be, we’ve broken down four tips on what you should look for when choosing the best tattoo ink for you.

1.  Choose a Quality Ink
What exactly makes an ink high quality? The proof is in the ingredients. Traditional inks from long ago contained toxic materials like arsenic, lead, and even plastic components. Today, the majority of inks don’t contain heavy metal substances; however, it’s crucial for you to read the ingredients list. If you’re interested in a particular ink brand but don’t see the ingredients list, email them. Some ink companies are quite protective of their unique ingredient list and might not want to advertise their exact formula. If you don’t hear back or they refuse, it’s best to move on. If they’re not willing to share whether toxic materials are in their inks, you probably shouldn’t risk it. Many companies now utilize vegan, cruelty-free, and organic ingredients. What’s the difference? Vegan means ink contain no animal-based ingredients like bone char, glycerin, gelatin or shellac from beetles. Vegan brands include Eternal Ink, StarBrite Ink and Alla Prima Ink.

Cruelty-free inks are not tested on animals. Organic inks are derived from natural ingredients.

What’s important to you? Think hard about your customers and their particular needs. This might end up being the deciding factor for you.

2.  Powder-Based vs Pre-Dispersed Ink

The two main forms of ink differ in the consistency type. Powder- or pigment-based ink is a nod to more traditional forms of tattooing. Pigments in powder-based ink are suspended in a liquid carrier. A tattoo artist is able to utilize these powder-based inks to create custom color palettes. Pre-dispersed inks are more commonly found in the market today. Pre-dispersed inks are bright and bold and can be used right out of the bottle. No mixing is required.

3. Look for a Licensed, Reputable Manufacturer

The thought of bootleg products may seem like a thing of the past, however, it’s not uncommon to come across ink that has not gone through any safety tests and may still contain harmful, toxic ingredients. There are even manufacturers out there that create products utilizing a well-known brand’s name. In a word- fake. Since regulations differ from country to country, it can all be confusing to a new buyer. Our best recommendation is to look for solvent- and PET plastic-free inks.

All of the inks offered on Element Tattoo Supply website are made in the USA.

4. Invest in an Ink Set

If you’re a beginner, choose to buy a set from your preferred brand. Since you’re utilizing the same brand ink, this ensures there are no negative reactions from mixing ink formulas. Ink sets are also carefully curated by brands to ensure a cohesive color palette that complement each other. Overall, you’re able to get more bang for your buck while trying out a new ink brand.

Element Tattoo Supply is an authorized distributor of all the inks on our website. We carry our very own formulation, Element Tattoo Inks, that combines affordability and pigmentation in 1, 2 and 4 oz bottles. We’re always happy to help answer any questions to help you pick the right tattoo ink for your particular style and needs. Send us a question at