Must-Have Tattooing Supplies for Traveling Tattoo Artists

Travel has gone hand in hand with a tattoo artist’s lifestyle for as long as tattooing spread its ink across the globe. Engrained in tradition, travel has become more than simply a source of income— it’s a source of inspiration and an opportunity to infuse new techniques into your artwork. Travelling from city to country, from convention to tattoo shop, it’s all a chance to spread your own notoriety and knowledge of global tattoo culture. If your journey as a travelling tattooer is only beginning, it’s a good idea to reevaluate the tattoo supplies you’ll need to make each trip much easier. We’ve compiled the top five tools you need as a travelling tattoo artist to ensure a smooth passage!

Pack Lighter & Smarter

If you’re on the go, you need to think lighter and smarter. It doesn’t matter if you’re hopping on planes or subways, travelling can take a heavy toll on your body especially if you’re packing some serious power and machinery. Solution? Think mini.

  1. Our first recommendation is a smaller machine. Not only does a mini tattoo machine double as a reliable back up back in your own shop or workspace but also it makes travelling a snap! At Element Tattoo Supply, we have a few miniature tattooing machines for you to choose from like the Apex Nano Rotary Tattoo Machine weighing a mere 82 grams. If you’re a tried and true script artist, our very own Element Tattoo Mini Size Liner is perfect for you. It’s also available as a mini shader.
  2. With a smaller machine, you don’t have carry as much power. Lucky for you, you can pack a reliable and straight-to-the-point mini power supply the size of a quarter— seriously. Element’s NEW Black Mini Power Supply is no taller than a quarter upright!

Think Disposable

Travelling doesn’t have to get grimy. With our disposable tattoo supplies, you can ensure you maintain a high level of sanitation expected from a tattoo artist. With our multi-pack options, you also don’t have to break the bank in order to get your hands on sanitized and individually packed professional tattoo equipment. Not only will you avoid any cross contamination possibilities but you also won’t have to lug any cleaning supplies meant to scrub your gear thoroughly.

  1. Our assortment of disposable cartridge grips are available in a variety of grip sizes from 1.2 to 5 inches. Designed from a variety of extra comfortable materials, choose a grip appropriate for your needle. This type of single-use set up means you’ll bring less stuff with you and maintain cleaner equipment all in one go!
  1. If you’re on board with disposable grips, then purchasing assorted disposable tubes is a no brainer. You’ll find sterile disposable tattoo tubes in various designs that suit your particular tattooing styles and overall budget.

For the Convention Regular

Finally, this last tool is the ultimate piece of equipment for those of you well versed or just starting the convention circuit. Conventions tend to be filled to the brim with people and their equipment. This doesn’t leave much room for the individual tattooer.

You can make up for the lack of space with the Conartist Portable Travel Station. This 20-pound water-resistant table can easily fold into a metal case for hassle-free transportation. It also includes a built-in rinse cup holder, paper towel holder, power supply compartment,     and portable shelf for ink and machines.


Evergreen Tattoo Educational 2016 first of many.

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tattoo-artist-Big-Island-Mike evergreen tattoo invitational LAXElement tattoo supply was honored to join evergreen educational in Los Angeles California, professional tattoo artist from around the world were able to come around and talk about how they do their tattooing it was interesting bonding making new friends we were a sponsor of this event you Gave away a bunch of cool stuff we sat for hours talking about tattoos tattoos tattoos how to make them better and how they do their work many artist learned a lot of stuff here’s amazing can’t wait for the next years evergreen educational




Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon was held in Springfield and I was very honored to be part of this event not only as a tattooer but a tattoo of the day judge along side Riley Smith and Josh Carlton

This was a great show with some some of the worlds best tattoo artist around the world.

I was not just reppin Element Tattoo Supply but OC Tattoo and Makuza magazine


Evergreen tattoo invitational tattooers from around the world


Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016

Yes its that time of the year again MARCH 4th – 6th 2016 !!! Eddie Tana, Ben Lopez, Vu Tran, Patrick Thomas will be in Springfield, Oregon for the Evergreeen Tattoo Invitational Expo

This will not be the first time Eddie Tana Owner of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo will be returning to Oregon but this time you will be coming back with some of his crew from Oc Tattoo.

Eddie Tana will not be at this event selling tattoo product but coming as a fellow tattoo artist with his crew.

Evergreen tattoo expo is not just a convention but more like a meeting of the best of the best tattooers from around the world.

Last year I went I took my family is a bit rough for all of us to take the whole family on a tattoo convention experience with me although they got to see the family and I had to go to work at a convention it was all worth it but this year I will be flying solo with the crew


Long time coming talk with Randy Howel from Silver Back Inks

It’s been a long time coming I’ve always had a beef with this guy but he never knew it I don’t think he did but then he would always give me shit and I always wanted to fight with Randy, but on this day at the Pasadena convention it was different we broke bread together and I’m pretty sure he never knew.

Randy and I got to do the Hollywood scene in the early 90s I was only 19 at the time he was a little bit older he had more experience and he would always give me shit about everything seriously about everything throughout my career it was always in the back of my head about this guy telling me the things he was telling me and I never knew why I thought he just didn’t like me? But we still had a tattoo together no matter what we had to make that money.

We tattooed in Hollywood at Boulevard tattoo but we also tattoo together it’s Studio City tattoo both tattoo shops we were always bumping heads and I never knew why but now I understand why he was basically trying to help me out and give me hints and tips on how to be safe and better at tattooing this is a rare thing you get back in those days, Back in those days no one would tell you anything about tattoos or how to get better but he did I know this now or I realizes now that were older he was just doing it because of the passion he has for tattoos and  the passion I have for tattoos can relate.

We both didn’t see each other for a long while and I probably badmouth him behind his back to other tattoo artist and I admit that that we did not get along but after this tattoo convention in Pasadena my mindset is changed dramatically thank you very much Randy Howell and all the other tattoo artist that used to tell me shit I couldn’t do it I wasn’t good enough I wasn’t doing it right everything they were telling me was just a better me as a tattoo artist.

Fast forward to now Randy is owner of Silverback tattoo inks and I am OC Tattoo and ELEMENT TATTOO SUPPLY INC


Musink 2016 March 4-6th Tattoo and Music Festival

2016 Costa Mesa Musink

Musink 2016



Musink Tattoo and music festival 2016

Last year we had a blast at Musink tattoo festival and it’s coming around the corner so we are preparing OC TATTOO will be there well some of the crew will be there as for EDDIE TANA BEN LOPEZ PATRICK THOMAS AND VU TRAN we will not be making it

It just happens that the date lands on the same date as Evergreen invitational in Oregon what a bummer I love doing musink tattoo festivals but I also love being invited to the Evergreen invitational it lands on the same weekend kind of a bummer but at least some of my guys from Oc Tattoo will be attending Musink 2016

If you’re in the orange county area or from out of town be sure to stop by or booth we are going to have our guys and some were sponsored artist at our booths it should be fun for both sides to be in both places we are not going to be selling tattoo supplies at either of the conventions but doing tattoos so visit our website and book your appointments for whoever you want to get tattooed from me personally I’m only going to do one tattoo at Evergreen I’m just going to be judging tattoos and hanging out with friends in this industry we do love to call our own.

Tattoo by Eddie Tana Musink

Tattoos by Eddie Tana

Tattoo done by Eddie Tana a few months ago I started it this year’s #musink215 then finished it about month after using element tattoo inks and #lowprofiletattooneeles was a fun one to do on a friend of mine this day we did the outline it was a stress tattoo convention tattooing can be a bit like that but we got the outline in for the day we did this freehand but now i think I am going back to stencil tattooing makes my life so much simpler your years i liked doing freehand tattooing but with not enough time in a day I am going back to stencil tattooing so happy to go this way. Yes I will still do a little freehand but I think I am ok.

Eddie Tana does a tattoo at 2015 Musink tattoo music and tattoo festival this tattoo was a freehand tattoo we out outlined it and back ground finished the color later the products I used Element Tattoo Inks, Low profile tattoo needles, along side rotary and coil machine.

Photo: eddie tana

tattoo by eddie tana musink 2015

then finished it about month after using element tattoo inks and #lowprofiletattooneeles was a fun one to do


Evergreen invitational tattoo Convention 2016

Evergreen invitational tattoo Convention 2016

2016 Evergreen invitational tattoo convention will be held in Oregon hosted by Joshua Carlton and Riley Smith next year in March Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo is proud to announce that we are invited to this amazing event we will be with amazing tattooer from around the world  meeting friends of the tattoo industry as well as meeting new tattoo artist follow our Element tattoo supply Instagram page  for the most recent thing Eddie Tana and Element Tattoo Supply / Orange County Tattooing Company is up to.

Last year’s Evergreen Tattoo invitational tattoo convention was so much fun, this next one should be even better, Last year Eddie Tana was one of the judges on Saturday for tattoo of the day sitting next to judges John Montgomery and Riley Smith. There was so many beautiful tattoos and it was a very hard choice to pick but we went to the score cards to decide the winner.

key to the Evergreen Tattoo invitational tattoo convention

Evergreen Tattoo invitational tattoo convention key

This next 2016 Evergreen Tattoo invitational tattoo convention I do not know who the judges will be but whom ever it is I know it will be well deserved good luck to everyone that enters !!

Alliance a professional tattooist 2015 is around the corner

This year should be a good trade show for the professional tattooers Eddie Tana will be attending this year’s APT This show is not for tattooing it’s to talk about the industry of tattooing here at the ApT we meet new friends and hang out with old friends last year’s event was a blast but I think this year is going to be even better with Great products for the giveaways hope next year more people will join so excited for this event !


Las Vegas Nevada is tradeshow for tattooing

Eddie Tana will be attending