Vanessa the Artist is a up coming tattoo artist – TattooLikeAGirl

Female tattoo artist are coming up in the use to be male dominated tattoo industry the times have changed and there is nothing wrong with this check out her interview with Suspendmag

doing big things for the tattoo industry

Doing big things for the tattoo industry



Eternal tattoo inks now sold at element tattoo supply

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What kind of tattoo inks do you use?

Element tattoo supply carries many different brands of tattoo inks and we have now added Eternal inks to our line of tattoo inks

Many tattoo artist prefer their own type whether it be thin or thick Eternal inks tends to move towards the dense side of tattoo inks comparing to other brands, many tattoo artist from around the world love this product but you make your choice.





Evergreen Tattoo Educational 2016 first of many.

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tattoo-artist-Big-Island-Mike evergreen tattoo invitational LAXElement tattoo supply was honored to join evergreen educational in Los Angeles California, professional tattoo artist from around the world were able to come around and talk about how they do their tattooing it was interesting bonding making new friends we were a sponsor of this event you Gave away a bunch of cool stuff we sat for hours talking about tattoos tattoos tattoos how to make them better and how they do their work many artist learned a lot of stuff here’s amazing can’t wait for the next years evergreen educational




Union Tattoo Power Supply Mini now in stock

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insane tattoo power supply

insane tattoo power supply

Union Machine has come out with a insane small powerful tattoo power supply 1 off with amazing colors this is just one of them so sick the details are on point I have not tattooed with it yet but I did run it smooth sums it up for this tattoo power supply

Union Machine Tattoo Power Supply

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insane tattoo power supply

insane tattoo power supply

Element Tattoo Supply is happy with this tattoo power supply

I personally have not tattooed with this power supply but I did test run it one word “Smooth” so sick if you are looking for a small compact tattoo power supply for your station or even if you are a traveling tattooer doing tattoo conventions.

The details are amazing and made for tattoo artist for tattoo artist

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016 in Oregon was held in Springfield and I was very honored to be part of this event not only as a tattooer but a tattoo of the day judge along side Riley Smith and Josh Carlton

This was a great show with some some of the worlds best tattoo artist around the world.

I was not just reppin Element Tattoo Supply but OC Tattoo and Makuza magazine


Evergreen tattoo invitational tattooers from around the world


Evergreen Tattoo Invitational 2016

Yes its that time of the year again MARCH 4th – 6th 2016 !!! Eddie Tana, Ben Lopez, Vu Tran, Patrick Thomas will be in Springfield, Oregon for the Evergreeen Tattoo Invitational Expo

This will not be the first time Eddie Tana Owner of Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo will be returning to Oregon but this time you will be coming back with some of his crew from Oc Tattoo.

Eddie Tana will not be at this event selling tattoo product but coming as a fellow tattoo artist with his crew.

Evergreen tattoo expo is not just a convention but more like a meeting of the best of the best tattooers from around the world.

Last year I went I took my family is a bit rough for all of us to take the whole family on a tattoo convention experience with me although they got to see the family and I had to go to work at a convention it was all worth it but this year I will be flying solo with the crew


Taking some friends out to Vietnamese food in Orange County


Group photo with Eddie Tana, Nick Barber and wife, Alvin Chong, Binh and Victor Reyna



Vietnamese food in Orange County

Dinner is for everyone but this night was new for some I took friends out to dinner here locally in a spot where you would not think the food would be good but believe it or not this is one of the staples of Vietnamese drinking and good food.

Artist cafe in Garden Grove is and will be one of the restaurant I like to take some friends for drinks good food and great conversations making memories along the way.

My guests that I took where Nick Barber his wife, Alvin Chong, Victor Reyna, from the sullen family along with  my buddy Binh and myself Eddie Tana.

As for the Vietnamese dish that they left up to me to order.

  1. Artist Steak – Rib eye cut sizzling on a hot plate, vinaigrette side salad and fries.
  2. Fried Rice  -Combination fried rice Artist Cafe Style Fried Rice
  3. Vietnamese Spicy Clams – Stir fried clams with a spicy Vietnamese Sauce.
  4. Shaking Beef with Egg Noodles – Made with a Wok cubes of tender soft beef and thin yellow egg noodles and side salad.
  5. Craw Fish – Spicy Garlic Flavors with Corn and Sausages.
  6. Fried Tofu – Deep fried tofu cubes.




Pre-party Sullen Angels 2016 – Golden State Inked Convention

Sullen PreParty

Sullen Angels preparty event 2016


Sullen Angels Pre Party 2016

Have a few drinks enjoy the company of the tattoo industry. If you want to know more about this event from what I know it is the pre-party for the Sullen Angels to decide who will be featuring and being at next week’s tattoo convention in Pasadena California.

I go to show support for the tattoo industry and to hang out with my friends if you are and are around the area as well as free come by with some of the top notch artist around the world but of all flown in for this next convention in Pasadena.

Boog Flow Tattoo Inks are available!

 Boog Star Tattoo Inks

Boog Flow Tattoo Ink

Boog Flow tattoo ink  is designed for him from a dark deep black and three shades of gray all the way to his white high light tattooing ink .

We are going to launch this at this year’s Musink 2016 coming this March 4 to the sixth if you don’t know much about boogstar you can always follow him on his Instagram @boogstar and see his travels around the world world!

World traveler professional tattoo artist for over 20 years you will get a glimpse of his life for tattoo appointments down and tattoos here at Oc Tattoo so hit him up to get him here if you want to get a good black and gray gangster script tattoo