New York Empire Tattoo Expo 2016

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This weekend Eddie Tana will be attending this event to see old friends and meet new ones


Long time coming talk with Randy Howel from Silver Back Inks

It’s been a long time coming I’ve always had a beef with this guy but he never knew it I don’t think he did but then he would always give me shit and I always wanted to fight with Randy, but on this day at the Pasadena convention it was different we broke bread together and I’m pretty sure he never knew.

Randy and I got to do the Hollywood scene in the early 90s I was only 19 at the time he was a little bit older he had more experience and he would always give me shit about everything seriously about everything throughout my career it was always in the back of my head about this guy telling me the things he was telling me and I never knew why I thought he just didn’t like me? But we still had a tattoo together no matter what we had to make that money.

We tattooed in Hollywood at Boulevard tattoo but we also tattoo together it’s Studio City tattoo both tattoo shops we were always bumping heads and I never knew why but now I understand why he was basically trying to help me out and give me hints and tips on how to be safe and better at tattooing this is a rare thing you get back in those days, Back in those days no one would tell you anything about tattoos or how to get better but he did I know this now or I realizes now that were older he was just doing it because of the passion he has for tattoos and  the passion I have for tattoos can relate.

We both didn’t see each other for a long while and I probably badmouth him behind his back to other tattoo artist and I admit that that we did not get along but after this tattoo convention in Pasadena my mindset is changed dramatically thank you very much Randy Howell and all the other tattoo artist that used to tell me shit I couldn’t do it I wasn’t good enough I wasn’t doing it right everything they were telling me was just a better me as a tattoo artist.

Fast forward to now Randy is owner of Silverback tattoo inks and I am OC Tattoo and ELEMENT TATTOO SUPPLY INC


John Montgomery from Allaprima Tattoo Inks wants breakfast

Today was the day that mister John Montgomery wants dim sum and Vietnamese Chinese dish for breakfast so who else will take him yours truly Eddie Tana

Ever now and then my friend John owner of Alla PRIMA tattoo inks and fellow Tattooer owner of the grand lodge in Redlands California comes down to the garden grove area to vist me and get tattoo supplies from my company Element Tattoo Supply but his thing is for us to grab breakfast at one of his favorite spot Seafood Cove in WESTMINSTER

And yes we talk about the tattoo industry and family life together we have create a bond as fellow tattoo artist and owners

What’s next for us you will have to just wait and see what we are gonna come out with along side Chris Cashmore from down under.

Sullen Angels finals in Long Beach California


Sullen Angels Finals in the Long Beach

Yesterday on January 23 I attended the Sullen finals where they choose the last four models that will be attending next weekend Pasadena tattoo convention hosted by Inked magazine two of my guys came out with me Vu Tran and Patrick Thomas from OC Tattoo.

The turnout was pretty good I’ve been to other Sullen events and this one was a good turnout of friends from everywhere. Tattoo artist, tattoo collectors and just friends where the attendees.

I don’t really know who won, I was too busy trying to keep warm outside, It’s always good to see friends in the industry having a blast and meeting face-to-face the people I deal with on an every day basis with tattoo Artist as well as tattoo supply companies and manufacturers.

We where the last ones to leave the events they turned the lights off parking lot closed I don’t even remember the time to busy hanging out.

Union tattoo machines in Gardena California 

This past Friday I made my way to union tattoo machines in Gardena at the new location the shop looks very cool kind a like your old one but a lot bigger if you’re in Gardena and you want to go check it out you should it’s pretty dope spot you guys there are pretty chill.

I was there for business not for me but for my buddy I was there for just to hang out and say what’s up to follow tattooers if you don’t know union tattoo supply you should follow them as well check them out on Instagram or Facebook or even go on the website

Big Sleeps tattoo machinies


Big Sleeps x Norm Tattoo Machines

Big Sleeps X Norm tattoo machines have arrive to us here at Element Tattoo Supply as being in the tattoo industry I always love supporting my friends of the tattoo industry we now carry Big Sleeps tattoo machine’s big sleep is been in the game for a bit specializing in script writing but don’t be fooled he also does other tattoos but the passion he goes towards is graffiti art I’m glad to call Big Sleeps and Norm friends of mine.

The day came when I got the call to carry his tattoo machines and other products keep up to date to see what to come from #bigsleeps and #elementtattoosupply and #norm_always these guys are best known to do some of the most amazing scripting.

Rotary tattoo machine’s or coil tattoo machines


tattoo machines

What do you prefer to tattoo with

coil or rotary tattoo machines


From being in this industry so for year I have heard a lot of things about coil machines and I’ve heard a lot of things about rotary machine I would like to know your thoughts about that too.
As a tattoo artist myself I use both depends on how I feel and what type of tattoo I am going to do rotary machines I feel give a softer hit but you can get the same feel with the coil machine a lot of people say use coil machines for outlining tattoos but I line with Rotary machines as well if I’m going to do a big backpiece I tend to lean towards the coil tattoo machine especially with the longer stroke it gives me a soft yet pushes the tattoo ink very well into the skin I tattoo a lot faster with coil tattoo machines when I use a rotary machine I really can’t turn it up as much as I want to especially when I push larger tattoo needle grouping like 21 Magnum needles and up, but all in all it does not matter which tattoo machine I use I can do a great tattoo with both.

I heard coils are the best and and I also hear that rotary tattoo machine s are the best but in my opinion it’s preference and style .

Please comment on your thought about this and we can talk about this.

Musink 2016 March 4-6th Tattoo and Music Festival

2016 Costa Mesa Musink

Musink 2016



Musink Tattoo and music festival 2016

Last year we had a blast at Musink tattoo festival and it’s coming around the corner so we are preparing OC TATTOO will be there well some of the crew will be there as for EDDIE TANA BEN LOPEZ PATRICK THOMAS AND VU TRAN we will not be making it

It just happens that the date lands on the same date as Evergreen invitational in Oregon what a bummer I love doing musink tattoo festivals but I also love being invited to the Evergreen invitational it lands on the same weekend kind of a bummer but at least some of my guys from Oc Tattoo will be attending Musink 2016

If you’re in the orange county area or from out of town be sure to stop by or booth we are going to have our guys and some were sponsored artist at our booths it should be fun for both sides to be in both places we are not going to be selling tattoo supplies at either of the conventions but doing tattoos so visit our website and book your appointments for whoever you want to get tattooed from me personally I’m only going to do one tattoo at Evergreen I’m just going to be judging tattoos and hanging out with friends in this industry we do love to call our own.

Getting ready for Evergreen tattoo convention in March

tattoo convention - evergreen 2016

everygreen tattoo invitational convention

Evergreen Tattoo Invitational March 4-6


About the Eddie Tana

There being so much talent in the tattoo industry nowadays, the style and uniqueness of Eddie “Edball” Tana is what makes him stand out amongst the best out there. Born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1974 his parents moved the family to the US in search of a better life. Growing up in Fullerton, California Eddie always had and showed ambition for independence and freedom of expression. Though there was no direct influence in arts from home, at the age of 15 Eddie began to be fascinated by art, particularly street art and tattoos. With tips from older and more experienced tattoo artists Eddie began practicing his artwork and by the age of 18 sold his car to afford his first tattoo kit and begin what would become a gateway to his success, tattooing.

First working on friends, soon enough Eddie was known as the go-to guy for all tattoo styles in Fullerton. In 1994 tattoo artist and friend, Bob Nguyen now owner of Bad Influence Tattoo invited Eddie to join him working in Hollywood, beginning his apprenticeship in Boulevard Tattoo with German native tattoo artist, Uwe (RIP). Working there for 3 years and moving on to Studio City Tattoo for 1 ½ years gave Eddie the advantage of learning from artists such as world renowned Austrian tattoo artist Pogo, Baby Ray (Spotlight Tattoo), independent tattoo artist Nina Depezo, Danny Wild (Tattoo Mania), Randy Howell (Hot Stuff Tattoo), Slick Rick (North Shore Tattoo), Rockwood (Studio City & Big Island Tattoo) and Jonas Westernland, Clay Decker (True Tattoo) would give a few tips as well.

By 1999, he opened his first tattoo shop along with friend Bob Nguyen calling it, “Addictions Tattoo Inc.” in Orange County. By 2003 he left Addictions to open up the world famous and finest tattoo shop in the Southern California area, OC Tattoo Inc. . Obtaining plenty of experience artist and working close with other artist like Arnold Santos (Lefty’s Tattoo San Diego) giving Eddie the opportunity to become a top of the line tattoo artist specializing in Japanese artwork and having a positive impact on his peers and clients. As side his local and loyal clients Eddie has also inked celebrities like Tyrese Gibson (Singer/Actor), John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls frontman), Wilford Brimley (Actor), Kenny Miller (Blood Shot Clothing Inc.), Tyler Evan (Motorcross), Troy Hoff (stuntman), MMA Fighters: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tim “Big Perm” Persey, Nam Phan, Justin Levens (RIP)and Johnny “knee” Dinh. Taking advantage of the opportunity to work in Hiratsuka, Japan as guest artist at “Homies Tattoo” from 2006-2007. Upon his arrival back in OC and realizing the lack of tattoo supplies available through suppliers, Eddie set his sight on becoming the best tattoo supplier in the country and officially opened for business Element Tattoo Supply in June 2008.

Now doing his share in the tattoo industry for over 10yrs, I have been feature artist in magazines such as Inked, Lowrider and many Japanese Magazines, not to mention his OC Tattoo Shop praised as best in OC by OCweekly. Having overcome many obstacles life has brought, he has achieved all his success and is still the modest and down to earth guy he’s always being. Now Eddie still works out of his OC Tattoo shop (appointment only) and is looking to expand the shop to have a special station only for guest artists and also opening a 2nd tattoo shop in Costa Rica. Though it may seem he’s reached the top, Eddie is aware there’s much more to accomplish, he just hasn’t figured it out yet.

As for OC Tattoo Eddie has done many things not of the norm of tattoo shops around. He sponsors everything to bring his tattoo shops name up from bands like “A Thorn For Every Heart” “beauty School Drop Outs” ” Almost Home” Professionl Poker players like “Tim Phan” , Fighters Like “Quinton Rampage Jackson” just to name a few. Eddie is always looking out for new talent and is making his mark in everything he puts his heart to.

About the host Joshua Carlton

Joshua Carlton has been tattooing for the last 25 years, and painting for 10. He is the author of the best selling book ‘Advanced Tattooing Techniques; A Guide to Realism’ and has also produced a series of DVD workshops ‘In the Studio with Joshua Carlton’ in which artists can watch as he tattoos and explains his different techniques. Throughout his career Joshua has striven to push the boundaries of tattooing into the realm of the fine artists that he has always admired. After extensive travelling and tattooing all over the US Joshua now calls Eugene, Oregon home. Here he resides with his family and plays guitar with his band This Patch of Sky.

About the host Nichole Carlton

Indiana born and raised, Nichole Carlton has been heavily involved in the tattoo industry for the last 13 years. At 19 Nichole opened a successful wedding photography studio, then after having her first born, Penelope, decided to move on to new horizons. Working closely alongside her husband Joshua Carlton, Nichole produced ‘100 Faces of Mary’, an art book which showcased over 100 tattoo artists’ depiction of The Virgin Mary. Along with the release of the book Nichole also curated an art show at Transcend Tattoo Gallery in Branford, CT. She is excited now to focus her energy on the Evergreen Tattoo Convention, a goal that she has shared with Joshua coming to fruition. Nichole now resides in Eugene Oregon with Joshua and their two children. When she’s not working on the convention she is working ‘behind the scenes’ handling the business side of Joshua’s art, or spending time with her family or in the garden, always with coffee in hand.

About the host Riley Smith

As a tattoo collector Riley researched the origins and traditions of tattooing.  His research grew into a passion and led him to find an apprenticeship and get his own license to tattoo in Oregon.

After several years tattooing in “street shops” and with a strong belief in the sacred traditions of tattooing, Riley continues to grow as an artist.  He tattoos regularly at his own shop as well as operating the Lifetime School of Tattooing. Riley’s graduates are working at prestigious shops all over the state and the school always has a waiting list for new enrollments.  Riley’s graduates hold their own next to the best artists at tattoo shows all over the northwest region. Riley is proud to pass on the sacred traditions of tattooing to all of his students and provides them with more than just what is needed to get a license.

With a staunch character and sense of civic responsibility Riley proudly served two consecutive terms on the Springfield Art Commission, where he strived to open conservative eyes to tattooing as a true art form, and to pull down local stereotypes and cross culture bias.  Riley continues to stay abreast of local politics and works with his local branch of Neighborhood Watch and the Springfield Police Dept. trying to help keep the peace and uphold family values. He is also a member of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.

Hard as a rock and stubborn as a mule, Riley would not take no for an answer from anyone and believed from the beginning conceptualization with his wife Erin, and with Joshua and Nichole Carlton, that they could make the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational one of the best and most highly acclaimed art festivals held anywhere, and that it would be just one more pathway for him to pass on the sacred traditions of tattooing.

About the host Erin Smith

Erin Smith is the co-owner of Lifetime Tattoos, Queen Bee Tattoo and Gallery,  Stay Gold Tattoo Gallery and Supply. Erin also serves as Director of the Lifetime School of Tattooing in Springfield Oregon.   Erin takes a personal interest in each students preparedness for the Oregon state tattoo licensure examination going so far as to drive graduates to the state capitol along with a full copy of their transcripts to ensure the testing, and associated red tape all flow smoothly.

Erin and her husband Riley have a wonderful 10 year old son named Patton whom they adore. She recently graduated from Lane Community College where she studied Art and Business.  As a standout in the art department several of her sculptures and other artworks were often highlighted in campus displays.

She recently obtained her own Oregon Tattoo license, but between being a mom, running the shop, tattoo school and planning the convention she doesn’t have much time for tattooing. She does find the time somewhere to take a lead in civic duties, and was recognized by the Springfield Neighborhood Watch with their “Good Neighbor Award” which was presented to her by the Chief of Police at a citywide celebration.

Erin is thoroughly involved in all aspects of the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational and believes that to make it the best show for the best artists it is her responsibility to make sure all bases are covered and that all invited artists get the personal attention they deserve.

Website: Evergreen Tattoo Invitational

Boog Star new for tattoo artist Boog Flow

tattoo ink Boog Flow

Boog Flow Tattoo Ink giveaway 2016


Boog Star – Boog Flow giveaway 2016

Check out the NEW tattoo ink from boog star made by Element Tattoo Supply 3 years in the making and its finlly here! We are supper happy the it goes in the skin boog loves it too. The wait is over the launch of @boogstar #boogflow #tattooink is here !! This giveaway is open to everyone World Wide!
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