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PACK OF 7 HORIPENIS PROFESSIONAL TATTOO STENCIL MARKERS. Horipenis professional tattoo stencil skin scribe markers are…

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Horipenis Skin Markers 7 Pack

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If you are keen on observing tattoo works done by other artists, you must have most…

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Tattoo Inks

Professional tattoo kit by Element Tattoo Supply
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Safety of Tattoo Kits When you are new to a trade or business, the prospect of…

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Guide to buying a tattoo kit

tattoo needles by Element Tattoo Supply
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You Should Be Knowing Before Tattooing! Tattoo Needles And Tubes Supplies! Are you new to tattooing?…

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Tattoo needles and tubes

Eddie Tana Low Profile
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Low profile tattoo needles are not just your average tattoo needle #12 on the market these…

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Low Profile Tattoo Needles

Costa Mesa
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This past March Element Tattoo Supply and OC Tattoo showed up in fashion like every year…

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Musink Tattoo Convention 2019

body piercing supplies
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Okay, we’ll admit it: We focus a lot on tattoos at Element Tattoo Supply. Hey, what…

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Body Piercing Supplies

Element Tattoo Supply git cards
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For your loved ones

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Tattoo Artist Holiday Gift Guide

tattoo inks for make up
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The art of permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a unique form different from traditional tattooing. As…

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Permanent Makeup Tattoo Inks: Cosmo Premium Pigments

Friday the 13th tattoos
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Friday the 13th brings about feelings of bad luck and dread and an overall ominous vibe…

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History of Friday the 13th Tattoos

vegan tattoo inks
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In a world where information is so easily accessible, it’s no wonder people are becoming increasingly…

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Ethical Inking: Comprehensive Guide to Vegan Tattoos

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As a tattoo artist, you have many items making up your studio (no matter how big…

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Best Tattoo Drawing Supplies